Home Renovation with First Floor Addition in Gladesville NSW

Client Name

Paul and Tamara

Project Duration

15 months


Gladesville NSW

About The Project

Witness the remarkable transformation of this Gladesville home through a ground and first floor addition, accompanied by an extensive renovation. This project showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results while maintaining the charm and character of the original house.

The Objective

Our clients, Paul and Tamara, sought our expertise to upgrade and expand their home to accommodate their growing family. The project required attention to the existing structure’s character while seamlessly integrating it with the new build. The objective was to create a functional and spacious living environment that maintained the characteristics of the original home that the family had fallen in love with.

The Challenges: Overcoming Structural Complexities and Spatial Constraints

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Rethinking Roof Structure for Cost-Efficiency and Additional Storage Space

The original design by the engineer called for numerous steel beams to accommodate attic space. However, our builders identified an opportunity to optimise costs without compromising functionality. By utilising engineered timber trusses with provisions for attic space, we achieved a significant cost reduction while still providing the desired additional storage space. This innovative solution not only met the project’s requirements but also ensured long-term durability and structural integrity.

Building a Temporary Deck for Pool Access during Construction

The proximity of the new pool to the house posed a unique challenge. To facilitate construction while ensuring safety and accessibility, we devised a solution: constructing a temporary deck over the pool area. This temporary structure allowed our team to work on the pool during the construction phase without hindering progress. By implementing this ingenious approach, we maintained workflow efficiency while safeguarding the pool’s integrity.

On-Site Glazing of Large Windows via Crawler Crane

Incorporating double-glazed windows into the renovation required meticulous planning and execution. However, three of the largest windows proved too large and heavy to be installed conventionally. To overcome this challenge, our team employed a crawler crane to glaze these windows on-site. This method allowed for precise and safe installation, ensuring that the windows seamlessly integrated into the design while providing optimal energy efficiency and insulation.

Innovative Staircase Design without Quarter Turn Winders

The clients expressed their preference to avoid quarter turn winders in the staircase design. However, the staircase manufacturers initially claimed that it couldn’t be achieved. Undeterred, our builders took on the challenge and devised an innovative solution to demonstrate its feasibility. By incorporating large landings and employing creative design techniques, we successfully showcased to the manufacturers that a staircase without quarter turn winders was indeed possible. The end result was a visually striking and functional staircase that surpassed expectations.

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The Solution: Meticulous Execution and Innovative Problem-Solving

Through careful planning and innovative problem-solving, we successfully navigated these challenges, demonstrating our ability to adapt and deliver excellent solutions. By reimagining the roof structure and implementing a temporary deck, we ensured a smooth construction process, showcasing our commitment to client satisfaction and project excellence. Here is some insight into our main phases of the project.

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Demolition and Pool Installation

We initiated the project by carefully demolishing the old lean-to garage and existing back extension. This step created a clean slate for the upcoming construction and renovation. Simultaneously, we ensured uninterrupted access for the pool installation. By coordinating the timing and logistics, we seamlessly integrated the pool construction into the project timeline.

Groundworks and First Floor Extensions

Following the pool installation, our team commenced groundworks for the new ground floor extensions in the back and garage. This involved preparing the foundation and establishing a solid base for the upcoming construction. As the groundwork progressed, we strategically planned the removal of the existing roof to accommodate the first-floor addition. This step required precision and meticulous coordination to maintain the integrity of the structure.

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Coordinated Execution and Concealed Infrastructure

With the frames of the new structure in place, we orchestrated the seamless collaboration of various trades. Our expert team of builders in Gladesville ensured that electrical conduits, plumbing, and HVAC ducting were strategically concealed within the walls, preventing any unsightly fixtures on the external walls. This meticulous attention to detail resulted in a clean and aesthetically pleasing interior while maintaining the functionality of essential systems. 

Innovative Staircase Solution

One of the notable challenges involved the staircase design. Despite the initial manufacturer’s claim that quarter turn winders were not possible, our team took on the challenge with determination. We developed an innovative solution that showcased the feasibility of incorporating large landings and defied the manufacturer’s assertion. The end result was a beautifully designed staircase that not only met the client’s requirements but also became a highlight of the home’s interior.

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Final Thoughts

The project progressed smoothly, thanks to careful planning and attention to detail. However, upon reflection, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. In hindsight, we would have initiated discussions with the clients regarding rear landscaping at the start of the project, when we had optimal access to the backyard. This would have allowed us to address the need to remove excess soil and achieve the desired levels more efficiently. By utilising a bobcat during the bulk excavation phase, we could have streamlined the process, saving time and resources.

Despite this learning experience, the overall outcome of the project is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Paul and Tamara now boast a truly extraordinary home. The living/dining/kitchen area stands out as a captivating space with its expansive windows, providing a breathtaking view of the pool, and the impressive stacking doors leading to the alfresco area. By preserving the original house’s character and seamlessly blending it with the new build, we achieved a harmonious fusion of old and new. We take immense pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations and creating a spacious and functional living environment for their growing family. As trusted builders in Gladesville, we bring expertise and innovation to revitalise homes, creating functional and stylish living spaces that exceed expectations.

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Client Feedback

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Professional Service

“Andrew from Holden Constructions turned our vision into our beautiful home. He was incredibly easy to work with, and as we wanted to be very involved in the build, he was happy to workshop ideas with us to find a solution we were happy with. Nothing was ever too hard. Andrew and his builders were always friendly, tidy and most importantly trustworthy. Thank you Andrew.”

- Paul & Tamara