A Stunning Luxury Home In West Pennant Hills

Holden Constructions

Project Brief

Annette and Louis approached us for a brand-new custom home build on a block they had purchased in West Pennant Hills, NSW. They wanted a luxury build with the works – beautiful bedrooms and baths, ample storage, and gorgeous outdoor seating as an extension of the house. 

Custom luxury builds such as these require detailed planning and coordination between all the trades involved to get it finished on time. They also need in-depth communication with the owners to get all the details and specifications right.

Holden Constructions managed to successfully incorporate all the custom design elements into the layout, liaising with the structural engineers and different trade contractors to create a beautiful custom home.

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Our Approach

Holden Constructions has undertaken many luxury home projects across NSW. Each custom build is unique and includes characteristics that resonate with the personal preferences of the owners. This project was no different.

We knew that the initial meetings to understand the layout and design are critical to understanding the client’s vision of their new home. Our team had multiple discussions with the clients to get a clear view and insight into their new house. We liaised with the structural engineer to align the construction and design elements of the build with our in-house carpentry team.

Working together, we were able to incorporate all the elements of the design that the clients wanted, building a solid foundation to get the house ready for the finishing and decor.

Our team worked with the other trade contractors involved in the project, coordinating timelines for a cohesive work schedule. There were meetings with Annette and Louis to select materials and finishing for the flooring, tiling, cabinetry and fixtures to get the look they wanted.

It ensured that the owners were updated and onboard throughout the construction of their home, from the initial design to construction and completion. They were able to make changes and adjustments according to their preference, and we kept the project on track with an effective communication strategy and a proactive approach.

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Challenges During Construction

No luxury home build comes without the occasional hurdle or two. Due to our continued collaboration with the clients, we found early in the construction stage that they wanted an additional bath and a massive storage area under the house. 

We were able to accommodate their request and built them not only a huge storage space and gorgeous bath but also a great workshop/mancave off the side of the garage.

One Thing We Would Do Different If We Started The Project Over

Overall, the project turned out exactly as the client wanted. If we had the choice of changing anything, it would be finding out about the additional requirements before the construction started. 

The Final Outcome

We are proud of how we accomplished what we set out to do, even after the changes requested by the owners. The quality, look and style of the build were in no way affected, turning out even better than the owners’ expectations.

We were able to meet all the requirements and specifications set out by the owner, delivering a stunning, high-quality luxury custom house.

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